The Nu Bamboo

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Gold, double strand braided hoop earring.

(Pictured: mini, medium & jumbo respectively)


mini: .67 oz, 19g

medium: .70 oz, 20g

jumbo: .98 oz, 28g


  • All earrings are hand-braided and therefore each pair will be unique!
  • Since each pair is hand-braided, slight bending of the hoop is possible. If this occurs to your pair of Nu Bamboos, don't be scared to adjust them SLIGHTLY so that the clasp closes completely and is secure. 
  • Hoop earring underneath braiding will eventually tarnish. 
  • Please avoid exposing the earrings to excess friction as this could cause the metallic finish to peel.
  • Each braid is finished with industrial glue gel, which is purposely hidden behind the ear when wearing the earring (on the side where the latch is).
  • Those with sensitive skin could be irritated by the texture of the earring.
  • The jumbo sized hoop is VERY large, and it is advised for you not to drive while wearing them so that you have full mobility of your head and neck. Also, it is advised to not wear the jumbo hoops all day, or every day. We definitely don't want your earlobe to be sore or to split! Please wear mindfully.

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